The actor and director Seth Rogan is being criticized for allowing a black child actor to have his skin darkened for a role in his upcoming film Good Boys.

The kid was a stand-in for the lead. Because he had lighter skin and a slimmer figure than the main actor, make-up artists darkened his skin and put him in a fat suit.

A person on set filed a complaint.

Asked to comment by TMZ, the rapper Common explained why it wasn't OK.

"Even trying to paint somebody darker to fit somebody else, I mean - what sense does that make?" Common told TMZ reporters. "I'm not with it at all."

"Painting somebody darker? Come on man, it's 2018. When is that ever acceptable. If I am a black person on that set, I'm offended," he continued. "And even honestly, I think a white person should be able to step up and say this Common calls out Seth Rogan for putting child actor in blackface - it should feel uncomfortable. There should be white and black people standing up for when you see some bulls--- going on."