Conservative Amanda Carpenter: 'The RNC may be being used as a hush-money slush fund'
Amanda Carpenter (Screenshot)

Conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter said the Republican National Committee is being used as an ATM machine to cover up all of White House "hush-money payments."

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman’s claimed that she was offered $15,000 to keep silent about what she experienced while working for President Donald Trump. In addition, the president's bodyguard, Keith Schiller, will receive $15,000 a month for advising the RNC's security for the 2020 convention.

"I think there are very legitimate questions between pairing the prospect of a nondisclosure agreement with a very high paying job that may not require very much work," Carpenter told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

"That seems to me that the RNC may be being used as a hush money slush fund, and there should be questions about what Michael Cohen's role was as deputy finance chair," she said.

Carpenter continued: "It is absolutely appalling not only that the president would ask taxpayer-funded employees to sign nondisclosure agreements, but that anyone in the West Wing would sign them because they work for the United States of America, not as personal brand ambassadors for the president."

Watch the video below via CNN.