Conservatives freak out after LSAT test prep book includes a question about 'racist' Trump
Young Donald Trump supporters. Image via AFP.

One LSAT test prep book had a question calling Donald Trump "unfit" for the presidency — and right-wingers are freaking out about it.

As Above The Law reported, the latest edition of "The LSAT Prep Book" included two references to Trump in sections meant to teach law students deductive reasoning skills.

The first section came as an example illustrating how to reach a logical conclusion. The section first offered a passage, and then demonstrates how one could draw conclusions about the biases of the statement's writer.

"Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States," the passage read. "He lacks political experience and backs racist policies, such as internment camps and deportation."

In explanation, the unofficial LSAT prep book noted that "the author’s conclusion is that Donald Trump would not be a good president."

"The author offers Trump’s lack of political experience and supposed racist policies as the evidence, or premises, to justify his conclusion," the explanation continued. "The author also cites examples of policies. Evaluating the strength of the logical connection between the premises and conclusion is how reasonableness is determined."

Another section — this time in the form of a multiple-choice practice test question and a thinly-veiled reference to a presidential candidate named "Ronald Thump" — has students deduce the bias of a more pro-Trump statement.

"Ronald Thump will be the next President of the United States," the question read. "His cutthroat business tactics will be quite effective as the nation’s top executive. Mr. Thump’s manipulation of tax and bankruptcy loopholes helped grow his father’s fortune."

The question continued by noting that:

The author would most likely agree that:

a. Businessmen always make the best presidents.

b. Ronald Thump is the most successful businessman of all time.

c. Manipulating tax and bankruptcy loopholes is always advisable.

d. Ronald Thump’s fortune would not exist without his father.

e. Business experience is directly relevant to succeeding as president.

In a statement to the right-wing College Fix blog, Law School Admission Council spokesperson Wendy Margolis noted that the book's publisher, Test Prep Books, "is not an officially recognized provider of LSAT prep material." She went on to say that all LSAT prep materials are "governed by strict guidelines to avoid bias, and all content undergoes multiple reviews to ensure that there is no bias" — a process that Above the Law's Staci Zaretsky noted clearly did not happen with the Trump references in this book.

Nevertheless, right-wingers pounced on the story, first from The College Fix and later Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller and eventually Fox News.

"An LSAT preparatory exam labels President Donald Trump as racist and a tax cheat in two questions asking students to rationalize conclusions presented by an author and determine which statement the author would agree most," the lede to the Caller's story on the passages began.

"President Trump has 'racist policies' and backs 'internment camps,'" Fox News' Caleb Parke wrote, "or at least that's what one allegedly reasonable argument used in a graduate school study guide would have readers believe."

On Twitter, right-wingers echoed the conclusions of the blogs.

"Graduate students are being miseducated in regard to the definition of the word racist policy on a LSAT prep test," Carmen Taylor, a "celibacy consultant," tweeted. "President Trump is not racist because he is keeping out illegal immigrants that would cause harm to Americans. He is protecting us."

"This is an outrage!" another user wrote. "The Left needs to be sanctioned severely."

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