D.L. Hughley slams Laura Ingraham's desperate walk-back of racist comments on HBO's Real Time
D.L. Hughley scorches Laura Ingraham on HBO's Real Time/Screenshot

On Friday night, panelists on Bill Maher's HBO show Real Time took on Laura Ingraham's racist rant about the "America we know and love" not existing anymore because of "massive demographic changes."

"Is the dog whistle dead? We're just saying it outright now," Maher asked.

D.L. Hughley stepped up to bash Ingraham first, mocking her for trying to distance herself from the praise her monologue drew from white nationalist David Duke.

"Then she got offended that David Duke supports her—her getting angry that David Duke supports her is like Bill Cosby being offended that R. Kelley supports him," he said. "It's ridiculous."

Hughley said that Ingraham's actions were about trying to avoid economic fallout.

"You're saying the same sh*t, only you're trying to keep hold of your one advertiser," he said. "I think the one advertiser she has sells Tiki torches and sheets with holes in them."

Watch below.