Dan Rather warns Trump era began a 'dangerous period' in that last 48-hours
Dan Rather [Photo: screenshot from CNN]

On Thursday, veteran newsman Dan Rather told CNN's Anderson Cooper that President Trump ushered America into a new period.

President Donald Trump's former associates Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort were both found guilty of tax fraud in the same week.

Rather said it's a "dangerous" time for the president,

"We moved into the political theater of the absurd," Rather said. "This whole Trump era has moved to a completely different position now. In the last 48 to 60 hours, there is an outrage fatigue in this country."

He added, "The Manafort guilty verdict and the Cohen guilty plea, I think, changed the dynamic into a much more dangerous period for Donald Trump personally and politically—for the American presidency, and therefore for the country."

Watch the video below via CNN.