Delaware woman heads to prison for impersonating an ICE agent and robbing Latinos at gunpoint
Delaware resident Michelle Spicer's mugshot. Image via DOJ.

A Delaware woman has pleaded guilty to hate crimes after she impersonated an ICE agent and robbed Latinos at gunpoint earlier in 2018.

Wilmington's WDEL reported that 51-year-old Michelle Spicer pleaded guilty to charges related to conspiracy, theft, criminal impersonal of a law enforcement officer and two second-degree counts of robbery as a hate crime for the February incident.

Earlier in the year, Spicer and her 58-year-old boyfriend Harold Warrington pulled over a vehicle driven by a Latino woman and told her they were Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The victim's toddler was in the car, police told WDEL at the time.

Brandishing a fake badge, the woman asked the victim for her ID and green card before opening the passenger door and reaching for her wallet.

The February report noted that Spicer then pulled out her gun and pointed it at the Latino victim. After a fight for the gun ensued, Spicer pulled the trigger. She then fled the scene by car, which her boyfriend was driving.

Spicer will spend a minimum of seven years in prison as well as "12 months in a residential substance abuse treatment program, and three years probation," WDEL reported. She will also have a mental health evaluation, take her medication and pay the victim nearly $9,000 in restitution.