'That is deluded': Watch Barney Frank walk out on Sacha Baron Cohen trying to verify PizzaGate with kids eat free receipt
Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-NJ) with Sacha Baron Cohen (Photo: Screen capture)

Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) was the latest to get the Sacha Baron Cohen treatment during a contentious interview about right-wing conspiracy theories.

Cohen’s right-wing character Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. began by challenging Frank that President Donald Trump is the greatest president of all time. Frank argued that Trump hasn't been all that successful in changing laws because they kept getting challenged in court and struck down.

"Fake news," said Ruddick.

"What's fake news?" Frank asked, confused. "You think he is. I think he isn't."

"Fine," Ruddick said, moving on to discuss the "Access Hollywood" tape.

According to Ruddick, the tape is faked because the conversation between Trump and former host Billy Bush was about rats and cats. Trump was saying "buy the pussy" to solve the rat problem.

"I have proof," said Ruddick.

"No, you don't," Frank replied.

"That's deluded," Frank said flatly.

"Deluded?! Well, that's an insult, sir," Ruddick said.

"Yes, it's meant to be," Frank said back.

Showing him the tape didn't work well for Cohen either. The former Congressman found it to be absolute lunacy.

When it came to their discussion of the famous right-wing conspiracy theory PizzaGate, Ruddick said he had proof the conspiracy was real because of a receipt he bought on eBay from a seller with a 94 percent rating. The receipt read "Child -- Free," which Ruddick argued meant they were giving children away.

"They were not giving away children, sir," Frank explained. "That meant the children came in for free. Not that the children were given away for free. If you were in the process of running a ring, you wouldn't have a printed receipt as proof of your criminality."

The discussion devolved and eventually Frank simply walked out.

Watch the interview below: