Donald Trump falsely claims to have 'won the women' vote at Ohio rally
Donald Trump falsely claims to have won women voters in the 2016 election/Screenshot

Donald Trump falsely claimed to have "won the women" during an extended rant during his rally in Ohio on Saturday.

"I won the women, I won the women," he said. "When those numbers came it was, how is this possible? Because I never heard I was going to win the women. I think the women really like me. My wife, the first lady, Melania, said 'I think the women really like you.' They do like me, and I like them. But I said, how did we win the women? We won the women."

Trump narrowly won with white women voters, getting 53% of the white female vote. However, he lost among college-educated white women and was crushed by women of color. Only 3% of college-educated black women voted for Trump.

Overall, American women voted for Clinton at a rate of 54%, compared to 42% of women who voted for Trump.

Watch below.