Donald Trump tells Ohio rally that the presidency has changed him: 'I have become much more diplomatic'
Donald Trump tells an Ohio rally that the presidency has changed him and that he has "become much more diplomatic"/Screenshot

President Donald Trump told a rapturous crowd in a small city north of Columbus, Ohio that the presidency has changed him.

Trump told the crowd that he needs all the support he can get from Congress, because the Republican slim majorities in both branches of Congress do not leave room for error.

Specifically, he complained about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) not being present to vote because he is suffering from brain cancer.

"People say we have a majority—we don't really have the majority in the Senate," he said. "Fifty-one, we don't have one person—not around to vote. I don't know, he's not voting."

Trump said he needs 100% of Republican votes, which is tough because of the fights he's picked inside his party.

He no longer picks that type of fight, he said.

"You always get somebody: 'I don't like Trump, I don't like our president, he destroyed my career,'" he said. "I only destroyed a career because they said bad things about me and you fight back and they go down the tubes, and that's OK. A couple of them, a couple of them. It's alright. I don't mention names. I never mention names. I've become much more diplomatic. See, in the old days, a year ago, two years ago, I would have mentioned names. I don't do that any more."

Watch below.