Enraged white driver screams 'run monkey' at black woman – but insists he's not racist after video goes viral
Stock photography of an angry white man yelling. (Shutterstock)

A man in Pennsylvania was caught on video screaming a racial slur at a black woman in a road-rage incident. But the 52-year-old commercial truck driver insists he's not racist.

A cell phone video shows John Paul Rodgers yelling "Go to Africa. Hurry up, go to Africa! Run n**ger run, monkey, monkey, monkey" at 20-year-old Zhaqweyza Armstrong as he drives past her car.

"I am not racial,” Rodgers told Daily Local News. "I have a mixed-race grandchild. Bi-racial grandkids. I wouldn’t normally say that word. I am not a racial person. I don’t see color. I see ignorance."

He claimed that Armstrong was driving erratically and had cut him off. Rodgers also claimed that she threw food wrappers and cups out of her car while she was in front of him.

Rodgers told Daily Local News that he pulled alongside Armstrong and shouted “What is your problem?” at her, to which she responded by calling him "white trash." That's when he unleashed his volley of racial taunts at her.

The video was widely shared on social media. And Rodgers said he had been receiving death threats over it.

“They threats were serious. There were so many. I could see the concern," said attorney David Clark. "The threats are ongoing. He wants to get the message out that he’s not a racist. What precipitated this incident was dramatic, and he felt like his life was in jeopardy."