Ex-NSC official reveals Putin gets ‘inside help’ on dividing America every time Trump tweets about Jeff Sessions
United States of America President Donald Trump shaking hands with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. (Kremlin photo.)

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd on Saturday explained Donald Trump's tirades against Attorney General Jeff Sessions are directly helping Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

"So many headlines, obviously, from the Trump White House, and yet Russian President Vladimir Putin is still engaged in undermining the U.S. and pursuing his personally agenda around the world," CNN anchor Christi Paul noted.

"Is President Putin using social media to talk about what we've seen this week, the legal issues President Trump might be facing?" Paul asked.

"Trump's diatribes against the Justice Department, including his tweet this morning, are gold mines for President Putin because it looks like the president is trying to interfere with the bedrock of U.S. democracy, which is the independence of the legal system," Vinograd explained.

"I mean, Putin is getting inside help on his mission to highlight shortcomings in U.S. democracy every time the president issues a tweet like he did this morning," she concluded.

Vinograd served as a senior advisor on the National Security Council during the presidency of Barack Obama.

"And I think Putin is also going to try to use this to degrade U.S. influence abroad," she predicted.

"Putin's probably playing up the glaring double standard at play here. We condemn, even sanction other countries when officials try to degrade the independence of their legal system," Vinograd reminded. "Now we have tweets that document our president's on-going direction to the Department of Justice on what to investigate and what not to investigate."