Ex-sheriff David Clarke confesses he was 'duped' by business partner who was a Muslim Brotherhood operative
Former Sheriff David Clarke on Fox News (screengrab)

Former Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke confessed that he wasn't fooled by accused Russian spy Maria Butina, but he was fooled by his former business partner.

According to a tweet captured by Fox6News, Clarke said he was "duped" by a man he says is an operative of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Clarke was one of the officials that Butina's group spent $6,000 on for a 2015 trip to Russia. If he wasn't fooled by Butina, it's unclear why he went to Russia with her.

“I was DUPED, not by Maria Butina but by @libertylover202 who is HEDIEH MIRAHMADI, reported to be  Muslim Brotherhood operative in US government by many. People warned me. All I know is I am distancing myself now,” Clarke tweeted.

Mirahmadi is a lawyer who has worked for the federal government and emphatically denies being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

“I wrestled with a bear and got maimed,” she said of her work with Clarke. “I consider his accusation laughable but need to confer with my attorney before I make any further comment.”

Last year, Clarke called her an "invaluable partner."