Experts shut down Trump's conspiracy theory about Google -- here's where he really gets shredded
Donald Trump delivers a rant on his personal Twitter account/Screenshot

Donald Trump opened up a war with Google on Tuesday, starting his day with a rage tweet about his search results, apparently inspired by YouTube stars Diamond and Silk.

Google's algorithm is a closely guarded secret and evolves constantly. No one gets the exact same results, as the search engine also looks at user's past behavior and location. However, as the Washington Post points out, experts have shown that conservatives and liberals see no significant differences in results. But location is a major factor in results.

The Post ran searches for Trump from Europe and found that his results were even more brutal without having Fox News and Breitbart to buttress them.

In Italy, one of the top results was headlined: “Donald Trump says that Google is rigged but maybe he does not know how it works." Then a story about Aerosmith banning Trump from using their songs and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling trashing the American president.

German media trashed Trump from both the left and right. German Conservatives dislike Trump's style and the way he's made it impossible for the opposition to work with him.

Poland's version of Newsweek has been railing on Trump, and last week's cover compared Trump to the Polish Prime Minister, saying both are “liars” and “the exact opposite of Senator McCain.”

Read the Post story here.