Florida Trump Tower owner avoided personal conversations with the president out of fear he'd ask for money
Trump Tower Miami owner Michael Dezer (left) and Donald Trump (right). Image via Facebook.

The Miami-area owner of Trump Towers III once said he avoided a personal relationship with Donald Trump because he feared he would be asked for money.

The Miami New-Times reported Monday that "megadeveloper" Michael Dezer revealed his anxieties when he testified in 2016 about his relationship to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump was also my associate for many years, and we didn't want to talk personal [sic]because I was afraid he was gonna ask for money," Dezer said during a June 2016 investigation into former North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo.

The Israeli developer acknowledged that he'd learned his lesson from doing business with him.

"As much as Donald Trump [has], and I'm the little guy from here," Dezer continued. "I learned it a long time ago, don't go personal."