Fox News fans melt down after network reports the Democratic Party is far more popular than Republicans
Laura Ingraham -- screenshot

Fox News fans refused to believe the network's own polling when it conflicted with their political assumptions about the state of political opinion in America.

On Saturday, the conservative network tweeted an image showing the results of a new Fox News poll surveying public opinion of the two major political parties in America.

The poll showed the public had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, with unfavorable views of the Republican Party.

Fox News fans simply refused to believe the results.

"Your polls are meaningless," tweeted a self-proclaimed "constitutional conservative."

"Who on earth are 'they' polling? How are 'they' polling? What are 'they' asking?" Dave Dehnbostel wondered of the Fox News poll, taken August 19-21 of registered voters, as the graphic shows.

"How is this possible?" Clay Brunson tweeted. "They are peddling socialism."

"Why would we listen to any Fox News poll? They have been wrong so many times!" tweeted Lady De'Plorable, who says she stands with Trump 100%.

Here are some more of the responses to Fox News reporting: