Fox News guest blurts it's 'logical' that leftists would want to 'try to murder the president and any Republican'
Conservative commentator Denis Prager said he does not see any reason why leftists would not want to 'kill' Trump and 'beat' other Republicans/Screenshot

A guest on Tucker Carlson's Friday night Fox News show said it's "logical" that leftists would want to kill President Trump and every other Republican.

According to conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager, if leftists believe what they say they ought to support the violent overthrow of the United States government. to.

"I keep asking myself, how would I respond if I believed what they were saying?" Carlson asked.

"I do think people believe what they are saying," Prager said. "I don't quite understand why you wouldn't try to murder the president, and for that matter any Republican. A Nazi can at least be wounded or beaten. I think that is what we will see. Because that's what's logical. That's what you do to the Nazis."

Carlson said mainline Democrats seem to be standing by as activists target Trump. Prager said that if Trump is acting like a Nazi, it would be the responsibility of the left to stop him by any means necessary.

"I think the belief is that anything that will work should be used," Prager said.

Watch below.