Fox News host whitewashes Trump's bigotry: 'How can someone be a racist' if they hired Omarosa?
LeLand Vittert (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News host Leland Vittert suggested on Sunday that President Donald Trump could not be "racist" because he hired Omarosa Manigault to work in the White House.

During a panel discussion on of Fox News, conservative radio host Steve Deace reflected on the news that Manigault, who was fired by the White House, has come to the conclusion that Trump is "racist."

"There are so many of these [White House defections], we'll be talking about somebody else next week or the week after," Deace opined. "After a while, I do think it become white noise and opinions about what you think of the president's character are pretty much cemented on one side or the other."

According to Deace, Americans want to know why "in the Sam Hill" Manigault was hired in the first place.

"Hold on," Vittert interrupted. "We had a Trump surrogate on yesterday... And they tried to weave this narrative that this is ultimate defense of the president. If he is going to be called a racist as Omarosa has sort of tried to ignite that and stir that pot."

"They said, wait," Vittert continued. "How can somebody be a racist if they've brought in somebody who's black, African-American, as Omarosa is, into the White House, into the inner-circle and given her a chance?"

Deace warned that "these kinds of arguments" do not help conservatives.

"The reason why is because the other side likes to point out how much of the black vote they get," Deace said. "This sort of tokenism argument is a bad argument."

Watch the video below from Fox News.