Fox News panel concludes that Trump's base can't be racist: 'It's all about the economy'
A man wearing a Trump-MAGA hat who brought a gun and an American flag to the scene of a school shooting. Images via screengrab.

On Fox News Outnumbered Monday, panelists wondered why last week's news cycle, in which Trump associates Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort were both found guilty of a series of crimes, appears to not have seriously impacted the president's approval rating.

They concluded that many people are feeling more financially secure—and they credit Trump.

Panelist Larry Elder then disputed the idea that Trump supporters are driven by racial fears, citing the election of the first black Mayor in Abilene, Texas—a small city that voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2016.

"There's an interesting story going on right now in Abilene Texas," Elder said. "Eighty percent of the people there voted for Trump. They just elected their first black mayor. So if Trump supporters are worried about the country changing from white to a nation of color ... if Trump supporters are racist, how do you explain Abilene?"

"I go back to what you explained in the last block, Larry. It's about the economy," said Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell.