Fox News panel gets heated after GOP strategist drops 'ludicrous' conspiracy claiming FBI is 'using information against' Trump
Fox News panelists Brad Blakeman and Michael Blake get in a heated discussion of the FBI/Screenshot

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr is testifying behind closed doors in a hearing led by House Republicans on Tuesday.

The topic is Ohr's relationship with Christopher Steele, the longtime British intelligence agent who penned a bombshell dossier on Donald Trump's relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Fox News hosted a panel featuring GOP strategist Brad Blakeman, New York Democratic assemblyman Michael Blake and magazine editor Noah Rothman.

Throughout the discussion, Blakeman, a former staffer for George H.W. Bush, maintained that there was "a cloud over the FBI" and that "the American people were outraged."

"I think we could have gotten some real answers in front of the American people," Blakeman said. "What I'm really concerned about is Ohr's relationship with Steele. When the FBI cut him off, Orr continued this relationship.... this stinks from top to bottom."

"There's no doubt that the FBI at the highest levels was bending over backwards to do things they wouldn't do in any other case and using information against a candidate for president—it's unheard of," he said.

Blake, a New York Democrat, was not having it.

"As ludicrous as this would sound right now, let's talk about the facts of the matter: When we talk about how the warrant was issued, it's not because of the dossier, it's because of the warrant on Papadopoulos" he said. "

"There's a conspiracy in the FBI!" Blakeman yelped. "There's a conspiracy with the FBI leadership and his wife."

"That's a pretty ludicrous statement, to tell me there was you believe there was a conspiracy," Blake said.

Watch below.