Fox News pastor eulogizes McCain by praising Trump: 'Both are men of conviction'
Robert Jeffress speaks to Fox News hosts Ed Henry and Rachel Campos-Duffy (screen grab)

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a Fox News contributor, on Sunday compared President Donald Trump to deceased Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Following the death of McCain, Fox & Friends host Griff Jenkins asked Jeffress if a lesson could be learned from the senator's final speech extolling the importance of one's convictions.

"I think there are two lessons we can all learn from him," Jeffress said. "First of all, to be tenacious in your convictions."

"Let's be honest, the reason he and President Trump butt heads is because they are both men of conviction," he added. "And we shouldn't condemn either one for standing up for their convictions."

Watch the video below from Fox News.