Fox News pundit William Bennett maintains Donald Trump's only crime is 'being Donald Trump'
Fox News host Martha MacCullum and pundit William Bennett/Screenshot

Conservative pundit William Bennet is not throwing in the towel on Donald Trump.

President Reagan's education secretary was on with host Martha MacCullum said the media is counting President Trump out too early.

"A lot of people are talking about this in very familiar language. They're tightening the screws, the noose is tightening around the president's neck," he said. "Getting way, way ahead of the story."

Bennett then noted all the people close to the president who have plead guilty to crimes. He said that he understands why the president is "disappointed" in them for trying to "save their own skin" but took the position that Trump himself has not committed any crimes, regardless of what his alleged co-conspirators claim.

"What is the crime? Apparently the crime is being Donald Trump," he said. "They're in search fo a crime."

Bennett then said that all people are "mortal" and "make mistakes."

"Accountants have different views of things," he said.

Bennett then implied that Hillary Clinton had committed crimes related to the election.

"People should look at this and look at in comparison to what Hillary Clinton did," he said. "It's just not how the system should work at all."

MacCullum thanked Bennett for "giving some perspective."

Watch below.