Fox News’ Shep Smith corrects Trump’s flipping rant: It's perfectly legal and standard operating procedure
Fox News host Shepard Smith slams Donald Trump [Photo: Screenshot from video]

Fox New's Shep Smith fact-checked President Donald Trump during his Thursday's afternoon show.

In reaction to his former staff members, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen being found guilty of tax fraud — Trump said that "flipping" should be illegal.

"As the White House tried to manage the fallout from back-to-back legal blows this week, President Trump says, flipping should probably be illegal," Smith said as he introduced a clip of President Trump ranting.

"Everything is wonderful and then they get 10-years in jail and they flip on the next [highest person.] It's almost ought to be outlawed," President Trump told Fox and Friends host Ainsley Earhardt Thursday morning.

He added, "But if someone defrauded a bank and got [10 or 20 years] in jail, [but instead decided to say something bad about Trump, and go down to two years — this is why they make the deals.] I've had many friends involved in this stuff. It's called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal."

Smith corrected President Trump's rant by saying flipping is perfectly legal.

"It's perfectly legal and a standard operating procedure for courts across the nation," Smith said.

Watch the video below via Fox News.