Fox News' Shep Smith does a point-by-point tear down of the White House's 'patently false' claims about Mueller probe

On Fox News Wednesday, host Shepard Smith tore apart the White House's increasingly bizarre official narrative about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

Reporting from the north lawn, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts described the contradictions in the White House's story.

"You have the president saying the attorney general, Jeff Sessions should shut down the Mueller investigation, but at the same time, the president and the White House have on many occasions said that the Mueller investigation should continue to its logical conclusion," Roberts noted.

"The president tried to have it both ways today sending out that tweet, but then, at the briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying this afternoon 'We think the investigation should continue, though the President does think that it's been going on too long and as you said at the top of the hour what he said today in the tweet was not official policy. It was an opinion."

Smith then went on to point to inconsistencies and outright lies in the administration's public statements.

"The White House today echoed President Trump's false tweets claiming that the dossier is the foundation of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation," Smith said.

"We'll play the sound, show you the tweets, and then explain the facts," Smith declared.

Smith rolled footage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders claiming that the Mueller investigation originated with the Steele dossier. In fact, the FBI inquiry was sparked after the agency received a tip from an Australian diplomat that Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos bragged that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

"In the main and in its parts, that statement is patently false," Smith said.