Georgia superintendent allegedly threatened to kill black construction workers in racist rant -- still has not been disciplined
Superintendent Geye Hamby of Georgia's Buford schools/Screenshot

Audio recordings of a superintendent in Georgia threatening to kill black construction workers in a racist rant were revealed by a lawsuit, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Geye Hamby is the superintendent of the city of Buford’s school district and now faces a race-discrimination lawsuit.

Allegedly, a group of black construction workers made him angry and so on a tape filed with the lawsuit he can be heard insulting and threatening them.

“F*ck that n*gger. I’ll kill these – shoot that (expletive) if they let me,” he allegedly said.

Hamby repeatedly called blacks “deadbeat n*ggers.”

Hamby refused to comment or deny the accusations.

“This is a personnel and legal matter pertaining to a disgruntled employee,” he said in a statement emailed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “District council [sic] has advised not to comment.”

The school board has taken no action against Hamby and claims it has been unable to verify the tape's authenticity. A lawyer for the school board has said it may have been made through "illegal surveillance."

"Our investigation continues into this matter, but we are hamstrung in that the plaintiff has failed or refused to produce the original recording for testing or provide any information concerning the background or foundation of the recording.”

Hear the racist rant below.