'Go back to Fox': CNN's Chris Cuomo says he won't let Kellyanne Conway tell lies on his show
Chris Cuomom Kellyanne Conway [Photo: screengrab from CNN]

On Thursday, President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway sat down with CNN's Chris Cuomo to talk about President Donald Trump's lying and corruption.

Conway argued that President Trump is not a liar and echoed that CNN is out to get the president and consistently "feeds viewers" negative information about the president.

Cuomo asked if President Trump knew about the payments made to an adult film star, and Conway dodged answering.

Cuomo did not allow Conway to spread any more lies. Cuomo told her to "Go back to Fox," if she wanted to spread lies about the president on air.

At the end of the interview, a clearly uncomfortable Conway tried to walk off the set before the network cut to commercial and Cuomo had to ask Conway to sit still.

Watch the clip below via CNN.