Here's how Trump's sexism is destroying women's lives
President Donald Trump speaks during a change of command ceremony at Coast Guard Headquarters. (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Patrick Kelley)

Trump is a wrecking ball of male ego, who has rolled over women from his Manhattan playboy days to the presidency. Now in the Oval Office, his sexism is magnified by his need for the Religious Right as a base. He has weakened equal pay laws, restated the Gag Rule and lined up a Supreme Court nominee who wants to reverse Roe vs. Wade. The man is waging a war on women.

His presidency is the apex of two forms of male supremacy. The first is Trump’s personal history of sexually objectifying women. The second is the Christian Right that wants women to “joyfully submit” to traditional family values. They are step by step, recreating, Hell on earth for women.

Toilets and Trophies

Trump is sexist. He is cad, a dog, a rake. He is a New York socialite Lothario, who objectifies women as interchangeable, dolls on his arm. He used upper class, trophy wives to reflect his ambition. He used working class, porn stars as toilets to flush his orgasms down. He’s always been, a disgusting pig.

In his public life, he’s moved through New York’s elite from hobnobbing at Studio 54 to real estate meetings while cheating on his wives. In 1990, he took a trip to Aspen with his wife of thirteen years, Ivana Trump and brought his mistress, Marla Maples, who cheekily asked Ivana at a restaurant, “I love your husband. Do you?”

It is not about the adultery, so much as how his objectification of women leads to a violation of their boundaries. It ranges from in-your-facedisrespect to harassment to selfish, unprotected sex to rape. In a car ride with Maples, he bragged about other women. Yet numerous womensaid Trump groped or forcibly kissed them. The guy doesn’t seem to like asking for consent. He either, “grabs them by the pussy” or as in the quickie with Stormy Daniels, he doesn’t use a condom without even inquiring if she wanted unprotected sex. The most severe example of his violation of boundaries is when Ivana, accused him of rape.

Being an unrepentant, sexist normally, makes one ineligible for public office. Now, it is the exact opposite. Trump’s sexism endeared him to voters. The Christian Right, saw him as a vehicle for their legislation and invoked a hypocritical logic. They do so because despite Trump’s many “sins”, he shares their views on gender. Women are objects.

Right on Time

“I prophesized Donald Trump as the forty-fifth chapter of Isaiah, fulfillment for America, a Cyrus,” said Lance Wallnau, a Christian author, selling real estate strategies for the apocalypse. No, I did not make that up.

Evangelical leaders like Mike Evans and Wallnu use the Biblical myth of Cyrus, a pagan king, who fulfilled God’s plan to explain their “vessel theology”. In it, Trump, like Cyrus is a “vessel” to make divine edict into policy.

What is their plan? It is to target women’s freedom. No sex education. No abortion. No RU-486 or the “morning after pill”. No women leaders. Definitely, no woman president. In other words, to use the Bible as a blueprint for society.

Although only one part of the Republican coalition, the Religious Right, specifically white evangelicals, who voted for Trump overwhelmingly, are in panic mode about their place in America. The Millennial Generation is more secular. Gay marriage has passed, here and in other Western nations. Ireland just made abortion, legal. Transgender people are visible. The most vibrant part of society is the profane, raucous pop culture. What we see as progress, they see as Signs of the End Times.

In this war between God and Satan, women’s bodies are the battle ground. Since Trump didn’t win the popular vote, he needs them badly and doesn’t mind doing what he’s done his whole life; sacrifice women to get what he wants. The list is long. He attacked Planned Parenthood. He reinstated the global Gag Rule that blocked groups that get U.S. aid from offering referrals on abortion. He cut funding for U.N.’s Population Fund which supports family planning, gender equity and the health of mothers.

Now his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, if confirmed, may overturn, Roe vs Wade and send the life and death question of abortion to the states. If so, it’s possible that abortion could again, be banned in twenty-two states. If that happens, it will be exactly what Trump promised the Religious Right.

What a sickening, fear to live with. Trump, a man who flaunted affairs, who violated his wife and seemed never to meet a condom he liked wearing will now, make an unwanted pregnancy a life threatening danger. All this to satisfy the Jesus Freaks.

War on Women

“I have tremendous respect for women,” Trump Tweeted on his phone which should’ve instantly self-destructed. No, he doesn’t have respect. His life is evidence of tremendous contempt for them.

On behalf of America’s Religious Right, Trump wages a war on women. He reinforces the global order of state powered, male supremacy. In their 2008 book Half the Sky, New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, traveled the globe to chronicle women’s lives. They found girls who were sex trafficked, women banned from politics and in the poorest nations; women who have little support for their reproductive rights. They met women targeted in war, who live with violent husbands or were bartered between families in child marriages.

America is not the best place but it is for many, a refuge and where women can have greater freedom. The longer Trump stays in the White House, the more we lose ground and edge closer to fundamentalism.

Already, somewhere in America, a young woman is pregnant. She’s scared. She’s poor. She lives in a state where only one abortion provider is left but it’s expensive and far. She doesn’t need Jesus. She needs the freedom to choose. And for us to respect it.