'I'll kill you!' Enraged Indiana woman caught attacking Hispanic neighbor in property-line dispute

A Hispanic couple living in Indianapolis has been the target of extreme harassment by their white neighbor, Newsweek reports.

In a video captured Sunday, the woman can be seen flinging a yard sign at her neighbors. When they ask her to calm down, she threatens them. "Don't touch me. I'll kill you," she yells.

According to Newsweek, Sunday's incident was not the first time the woman has harassed the couple. They believe she wants them to leave because they are Hispanic.

“I’ve had videos for every time we call,” Luvia Roman told Newsweek. “But, [the police] say they have to catch her while she’s doing it, which has never happened.”

"I'm scared for my life," Miguel Rios said. "I'm scared for my family's life. And it's just not right."

Journalist Matthew McClellan reported that after the video went viral, the entire neighborhood got together to demand the authorities do something.