'It costs more to abandon Trump than to stay': MSNBC's John Heilemann warns the GOP has to decide if they're loyal to Trump
MSNBC analyst John Heilemann -- screenshot

On Tuesday, MSNBC's analyst John Heilemann warned that Republicans are going to have a tough decision to make after the midterm election.

Former members of President Donal Trump's team, Paul Manafort, and Michel Cohen were both found guilty of bank and tax fraud on Monday. As the latest revelations for this news unravels, MSNBC's panelist questioned how this would impact President Trump and the Republican Party.

"Nothing is going to change their behavior at all until there is a different calculus. An electoral political self-interesting calculus in play. And the date for that is the day after the midterms," Heilemann said.

He added, "Maybe it won't change anything. Maybe Republicans will keep the House. Maybe they'll keep the House and the Senate and nothing will change."

"I firmly believe that if Democrats win the control of the House of Representatives -- all these Republicans who have been operating according to a certain math the last 18 months -- 'it costs more to abandon Trump, for me, than to stay with Trump. I don't like it, but I'll stay with him because leaving him costs me more," he said.

He said Republicans would have to decide if staying loyal to President Trump is worth it.

"When they look up and 60 of their colleagues have lost their seats and Democrats are now in control, they will have a different math equation to run at that point," Heilemann said. "And the question of [whether] it costs more to stick with him or leave him will be a different question than it has been the last 18 months."

Watch the clip below via MSNBC.