Authoritarianism expert Sarah Kendzior on Friday warned it was "concerning" that Jared Kushner remains a senior White House advisor.

"And for the millionth time: Jared Kushner is a danger to national security and needs to be out now," Kendzior tweeted.

"That no one has indicted or ousted Kushner when there's an easy case (his security form lies being the tip of an enormous iceberg) is concerning," she noted.

Indeed, Kendzior warned in April of 2017 that President Trump was setting up a "dynastic kleptocracy" for his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband.

"While novel to the US, the Trump family dynamic may be familiar for citizens of authoritarian kleptocracies," Kendzior explained. "Adult children of authoritarians are useful in three ways: first, they tend to be trustworthy confidants in regimes rife with paranoia, as corrupt authoritarian states usually are. Second, they are excellent vessels for laundering money, creating enough distance that assets stolen from the state are harder to track. Third, they tend to have a warmer public profile which offsets the brutality of the dictator by distracting the population with pictures of their happy families or glamorous lifestyle."

The authoritarianism expert has been steadily beating the drums to warn the public of the threat she believes Kushner represents.

"Also -- I cannot stress this enough -- Kushner needs to be out of the White House," Kendzior tweeted on July 24th. "I do not care if I'm a broken record."

"Kushner should be out of the WH. He never should have gotten in there. He's a major nat sec threat to the US," Kendzior tweeted on July 12th. "I've said this a million times and I'm going to keep saying it, because it's that severe."

She has also argued the point on TV.