John Brennan reveals Trump administration has failed to follow-through on revoking his security clearance
John Brennan served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Photo: Screen capture).

Former CIA Director John Brennan revealed on Tuesday that there has been no follow-through since White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the administration would be stripping his security clearance.

Brennan, MSNBC's senior national security and intelligence analyst, explained the administration's lack of follow-through during a Tuesday interview with Hallie Jackson.

"President Trump threatened to strip your security clearance and then he did. President Trump has threatened to strip Bruce Ohr's security clearance," Jackson noted. "What happens next?"

"I don't know, the only thing I heard about my security clearance from the government is when Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at the podium my clearance had been stripped," Brennan replied.

"I've not been contacted by anybody all -- either before, or since then," he revealed. "Whether or not my clearance is stripped, I'm uncertain about."

"I'm still waiting to hear, they have my contact information," he added.