Kamala Harris says Trump's base can't save him: America doesn't want a co-conspirator in crime as president
Sen. Kamala Harris (CSPAN)

Senator Kamala Harris appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to discuss the ramifications of the guilty verdict in Paul Manafort's case and Michael Cohen's guilty plea, which occurred within minutes of each other Tuesday.

In his appearance before a federal judge, Cohen named President Donald Trump a co-conspirator in a criminal case, claiming the president demanded he pay off Stormy Daniels ahead of the election.

Cohen has signaled through his lawyer Lanny Davis that he doesn't expect a presidential pardon and would turn one down if it were offered. Manafort has not made any such promises, triggering speculation that the president might issue a pardon.

Harris doesn't think that would be a very good move on the president's part. "That would be evidence of yet another crime which is obstruction of justice," Harris, a former attorney general, said.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell wondered if these controversies will affect the president and Republicans' chances of holding the House and the Senate. After all, Mitchell pointed out, the audience at Trump's West Virginia rally last night chanted 'Lock her up,' about Hillary Clinton.

"What does that tell you about the President's base still being with him?" she asked.

But Harris has faith in the American electorate.

"Listen, I've traveled around our great country. And I believe that the vast majority of Americans do not want their president to be an indicted co-conspirator to a crime," she said. "That's who I believe Americans to be. And they'll see through the red herrings and the smoke screens that are being spewed to distract from the facts."