'We have to keep her grave hidden': Slain activist Heather Heyer's mom fears neo-Nazis will destroy daughter's burial site
Heather Heyer (Facebook)

As the one year anniversary of the deadly white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia approaches, friends and family of Heather Heyer—the paralegal and progressive activist mowed down by a Nazi who drove his car into a crowd—honored her memory.

"I'm trying to speak up for the issues, which is what she would want done, not the focus on her, but the focus on the issues that still need to be resolved," Susan Bro, Heyer's mother, told MSNBC.

"I tried really hard to educate people about issues, about standing up and empowering themselves, accepting responsibility for their actions," she added.

She said that she's worked with Black Lives Matter activists and has expanded her activism to include racial justice.

"That's what Heather was here to support that day."

Bro also explained why she's keeping the location of her daughter's grave hidden. She doesn't want Nazis trampling other people's graves or defacing Heather's.

"Always. That's an agreement I've had with the cemetery from day one. We don't want well-wishers trampling other people's graves. We don't want Nazis trampling other people's graves. And as if I needed further confirmation Emmett Till's marker is constantly shot up."