Kremlin-backed state media attacks McCain following his death: 'An implacable opponent of Russia'
Russian TV screenshot

It seems as if every American has offered some words of John McCain. The "maverick" senator, who almost became the president of the United States, died on Saturday.

Not everyone has been kind in their obituaries. Some progressives have chosen to remember McCain for his love of war and his opposition to universal health care.

This article first appeared on Salon.

Perhaps the harshest tribute McCain has received was from the Russian government. Steve Rosenberg, BBC's Moscow correspondent, reported that Russia state TV was not too complimentary of McCain.

“He was an implacable opponent of Russia, who supported even tougher sanctions," a Russian newscaster said.

Russia Today, the media outlet run by the Kremlin, also criticized the former senator. RT wrote that Americans had "questioned his moral integrity" in the wake of his death.

Without a hint of satire, RT disparaged McCain for advocating military intervention in places Russia has invaded, such as Georgia.

Over the years, McCain advocated for military intervention in a number of countries including Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, and Mali," the article said.

It wasn't all opprobrium emanating from Moscow. RT did write an article sharing well-wishes for McCain.

"Despite being pre-emptively ‘disinvited’ by McCain from his funeral, Donald Trump has expressed his condolences, joining a long list of US politicians praising the late John McCain’s patriotism, heroism and high morals," the article said.