'Light every alarm': Fox guest says GOP can 'lose in any district' if they blow next week's Ohio election
Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt (Screenshot)

A Fox News guest on Friday delivered a sobering message for the network's conservative viewers about next week's special election in Ohio's 12th congressional district.

Appearing on "Outnumbered," Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt broke down why winning OH-12 should be a breeze for the GOP -- but he said that, if Democratic nominee Danny O'Connor pulls off the upset over Republican Troy Balderson, it will set off a massive wave of panic inside the party.

"This district has been in Republican hands for, I believe, 94 of the last 96 years," he said. "This is not a swinging district. This is a red, red, red, red traditional Republican coalition district."

Even though the latest Monmouth poll of the district showed O'Connor within just one point of Balderson in the race, Stirewalt still believed that the GOP would ultimately prevail.

But if the party somehow managed to lose next week's election, he said, it would portend a massive disaster for the GOP in the 2018 midterms.

"I will be shocked if the Republicans can manage to lose this, and if they do, then light every alarm," he said. "If they can lose this seat, they can lose in any district in the country."

Watch the video below.