'He lost his one black friend': Bill Maher laughs about how Omarosa destroyed Trump's whole week
Bill Maher gives his monologue on HBO/Screenshot

Omarosa Manigault Newman's tell-all book has dominated the news cycle this week, providing fodder for Bill Maher who opened Real Time with an extended monologue about the situation.

"Not such a good week for the president," Maher said. "He lost his one black friend."

Maher didn't let Omarosa off the hook.

"Let's not forget that Omarosa did defend Trump a million times, lies for him. After the election she said, 'All his detractors would have to bow down before Donald Trump,'" he said. "I don't care, she's out a**hole now!"

Maher then aired the tape of Trump talking to Omarosa after she was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

On the tape, Trump pretends to not know that Omarosa was being fired and said "damn it!" in pretend rage.

"What a p*ssy piece of sh*t he is," Maher said. "Can't even—'They run a big operation here. Boy if I ever find this President of the United States guy!'"

Maher then highlighted some of the most controversial parts of the book, such as Trump allegedly bringing a tanning bed into the White House and Melania Trump allegedly planning to divorce him.

"She says he drinks eight Diet Cokes a day, which causes dementia," he said. "But, c'mon, it's working, he has the body of a Greek god—sorry, a Greek diner."

Watch below.