Paul Manafort found guilty of tax fraud in first criminal trial
Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort (mugshot)

Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty by a federal jury in Alexandria, Virginia on Tuesday.

The jury decision came in the first of two federal cases against the longtime Republican operative and lobbyist that resulted from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

The federal indictment charged Manafort with bank fraud, tax fraud and failure to report foreign bank accounts while disguising more than $30 million in income through offshore financial institutions.

The jury told the judge it had failed to reach a decision on 10 of the 18 criminal counts. Manafort was found guilty on five counts of tax fraud, two counts of bank fraud, and one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts.

The judge declared a mistrial on the 10 other counts.

Manafort is scheduled to stand trial in September on charges of money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent.

Manafort surrendered to the FBI after being indicted in October 2017. Following additional charges of witness tampering that were filed in June, Manafort had his bail revoked.

Trump's former campaign boss is now being held in the Alexandria Detention Center.