CNN strategist Maria Cardona: Trump threatened right-wing Christians because he can only win the election with 'fear'
Press conference of Donald Trump, President of United States of America, during NATO. (Shutterstock)

On Monday night, President Donald Trump told a group of evangelical Christian leaders that "there would be violence" if the GOP loses the majority in Congress in the November midterm elections, reported CNN.

CNN's Jim Sciutto asked Democratic strategist Maria Cardona how she felt about Trump's latest threat.

"I think he is doing what he does best, which is injecting [fear.] It's disgusting, very unpresidential-like, and is fearmongering into the election because it is the only way that he can win. This is him being as divisive as he can be," Cardona said.

"I think that's what he was getting at there," she added. "I think it is so incredibly reprehensible and irresponsible for a sitting president of the United States to be doing something like that, and I think it is another reason why candidates for Congress should be very concerned. Especially the ones that are completely embracing Trump."

Watch the video below via CNN.