Melania Trump's immigration lawyer brutally fact-checks Donald Trump's lies about chain migration
Michael Wildes is the immigration lawyer who got Melania Trump and her family into the US/Screenshot

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, the parents of First Lady Melania Trump, officially became U.S. citizens on Friday.

On CNN Friday, the immigration lawyer who represented them and their daughter fact-checked President Donald Trump's talking points on family reunification.

Host Erin Burnett aired footage of Trump criticizing the program that brought his own in-laws to America.

"Chain migration is a disaster for this country. Chain migration is terrible. Chain migration is a killer. Chain migration, it's horrible, it's horrible," President Trump said in the video. "The chain is like a disaster. You bring one person in, you end up with 32 people. You come in, and now you can bring your family. And then you can bring your mother and your father, you can bring your grandmother. We have to end chain migration. We have to end chain migration."

Michael Wildes, the immigration lawyer who worked to get Melania Trump and her parents into the country, said Trump's claims were inaccurate.

"Let me take off one hat as the First Lady's immigration lawyer and her family and put on my own personal hat," Wildes said. "It's unconscionable to scare people. You cannot bring uncles. You can't bring 32 people."

This program is a wonderful thing, Wildes said.

"This whole notion of chain migration is a beautiful notion called family reunification," he said. "Imagine that. People will work harder and love more and do more for America knowing that their loved ones, their immediate relatives, their parents, their children are here. But chain migration, no it's called family reunification."

Watch the video below via CNN.