‘Michael Cohen will be going away’: Fox News reports Trump’s fixer is getting 3-5 years in federal prison
President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen (Screen capture)

Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts reported on Tuesday that Michael Cohen's plea agreement includes a three to five year prison sentence.

"Sources tell Fox News a few minutes ago, this is a straight-up guilty plea," Roberts told Shepard Smith.

"We are told, whatever it is that he's pleading to, this a guilty plea and it is going to include jail time," he reported. "Michael Cohen has agreed to guidelines from the prosecutors for three to five years in jail."

"So Michael Cohen will be going away," Roberts explained.

"We don't know if he will be taken this afternoon or if the judge will give him some time to get his affairs together before he goes to one of these federal penitentiaries," he added.

"It looks this afternoon like Michael Cohen will spend three-to-five years in jail on a guilty plea on charges that were brought by prosecutors from the Southern District of New York," he noted.

Roberts also poured cold water on reports that Cohen was flipping on President Trump and would turn state's evidence to testify against the president.

"The fact that he's pleading guilty would seem to indicate, according to sources that I've talked to, there's no possibility that Michael Cohen is going to flip on President Trump. If there was some inkling that he would flip on Trump, he would have chosen some sort of cooperative deal," he said. "One source I talked to said there wouldn't be any flipping because he has nothing to offer, he's got no dime to drop on the president, as it were."