Mississippi man calls a black woman the N-word in a donut shop -- and quickly loses his job
Kyle Thomas was caught on video using the N-word. (Screenshot)

A man who used to work at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center is now out of a job after he was caught on video using a racial slur.

Kyle Thomas, a radiology technician, was terminated after video of the incident was shared on social media over the weekend.

In the video, Thomas can be seen arguing with an employee at Donut Palace.

He then turns to the black woman filming him, Keaundrea Wardlaw, and tells her to “shut your f*cking mouth.”

The two trade insults for a few seconds, and Thomas starts to leave. But the video shows him turning around and saying “You’re a n*gger. You’re a n*gger, shut up.”

The spokesperson for Mississippi Baptist Medical Center told local news outlet WJTV on Monday: "We are aware of the confrontation captured on video involving one of our off duty employees at a local donut shop. We take this situation very seriously. This employee's language and behavior does not represent our organization's values and his employment has been terminated.”

Wardlaw told the station that she is an employee at Donut Palace and didn't want Thomas to get fired. She said that Thomas later came back to the donut shop and apologized for causing a disruption.

Watch video below: