MSNBC guest claims there is a ‘debate’ over whether ex-government employees should have right to criticize Trump
Attorney Mark Zaid (Photo: Screen capture)

One MSNBC guest said Sunday afternoon that he isn't sure whether former government employees should be allowed to speak out against the government after they've left.

The discussion was about the many former CIA and FBI officers who signed a letter in support of John Brennan after President Donald Trump revoked his security clearance. Attorney Mark Zaid said that he represents a number of those who signed the letter, but he didn't sound as if he supports it.

Counterterrorism and intelligence commentator Malcolm Nance noted that there are hundreds of intelligence officers all over the world watching such stories and that it goes through their ears.

"They have to work in an empirical world without partisanship," he explained. "They have to deliver, manufacture, and process product to go to the national intelligence consumers of this country. It’s going affect them in the long term. It absolutely will."

"It is seen to be a growing problem," said Zaid. "And I think there is a problem when you do have former leaders speaking out against the current president."

Past presidents have remained mostly absent of commentary, positive or negative, on the current administrations. That changed with the Trump administration, as every living president has spoken out against Trump at least once.

The intelligence community isn't known for having opinions, much less vocalizing the views they do have.

Watch the panel discussion below: