MSNBC panel points out the ridiculousness of Sarah Sanders defense of Trump's ID for groceries gaffe
Donald Trump at Tampa Rally (Photo: Screen capture)

Tuesday's bizarre campaign speech from Donald Trump brought up the fact that everything requires a photo I.D. But he got into trouble when claiming it was needed for groceries. It prompted many to ask when the last time was Trump bought groceries.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' excuse was that people would certainly present a photo I.D. when buying beer or wine at a grocery store. The problem, according to McClatchy White House correspondent Anita Kumar is that Trump doesn't drink and claims he never has.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank noted it was reminiscent of the awkward video of George H.W. Bush trying to use a grocery store scanner in the 1990s.

Fellow Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson noted the one-percenter moment was causing many to ignore the overarching concern of unearthing the voter ID movement. According to him, all of the states that could pass voter ID laws have already done it. He noted the effort was about added scrutiny for people of color and more transient voters, who must have a photo ID that matches the address of their voter registration.

Watch the full commentary below: