'Mueller will eat his lunch': Reporter mocks Trump for thinking he can convince special counsel to let him off
Robert Mueller, Donald Trump (Photos: Screen captures)

President Donald Trump is reportedly defying his lawyers' advice by insisting that he wants to sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller under the belief that he can personally convince the special counsel of his innocence.

Appearing on CNN Tuesday, reporter Brian Karem mocked the idea that Trump would be able to convince Mueller that his own probe is a "witch hunt" -- and he explained why the president's attorneys are desperate to keep him from talking with the special counsel.

"I can't imagine that any attorney would recommend to the president to sit down with Robert Mueller," he said. "Robert Mueller will eat his lunch."

Karem then elaborated by noting that Trump doesn't know how much Mueller knows about his own actions -- which would give the special counsel a major advantage if the president tries to make his case by lying.

"He will call him on every factual error, every lie that he's told," Karem said. "Who would want to sit down in front of Bob Mueller and have to face what he's going to have to face? I can't imagine it."

At the same time, Karem said that Trump's ego could make him legitimately think he could "carry the day" against the special counsel.

Watch the video below.