New York man who flew Nazi flag at his house now claims he 'was hacked'
Nazi flag outside home (WVEC)

A Central New York man claimed that he's flying a Nazi flag outside his house as a "distress signal" because he'd been hacked.

Jody Fish insisted to the Syracuse Post-Standard that he's not a neo-Nazi. He instead said he flew the flag outside his home in Preble, New York as a cry for help because someone hacked his computer and he wants help figuring out how to fix it.

"It's a distress call,'' the Preble resident said. "It's to get attention so I can tell people what's going on and that someone is hacking me."

Residents hate the swastika flag so much that someone made a petition in an attempt to get Fish to take it down. Preble Town Supervisor Jim Doring said that when he approached the man about the Nazi flag, he was told it was in retaliation for a neighborly dispute.

Doring reached out to National Grid because the flag is attached to a utility pole, but they reportedly declined to take action. He also asked the town's attorney if they could make Fish take the flag down, but learned that they legally can't because it's on private property.

Fish told the Post-Standard that as soon as someone helps him "correct" his hacking, he'll take the flag down.