NFL player wallops Trump for attacking black athletes more than neo-Nazis marching in DC this weekend
New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Friday once again attacked NFL players who knelt during the national anthem to protest against police brutality during preseason games this week.

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan, however, called out the president for spending more of his time attacking black athletes protesting peacefully than the neo-Nazis that are planning to march in Washington D.C. this weekend.

"Guy who won the presidential election... how about we get a statement on the 'unite the right' rally 2 being held in DC this weekend... a yr after the first one in Charlottesville???" he asked in response to Trump's latest tweet condemning NFL players.

Jordan continued to bash Trump in followup tweets -- and went so far as to call the president a "goober."

"Only way to say it. What a Goober," he wrote. "He is who I thought he was. Guy is 70+ yr old acting out in what was once the highest respected political position, as a overly insecure prepubescent child... He won’t govern himself, give him a mentor? Right, members of his cabinet left on their own accord or were dismissed accordingly... But what do I know I’m just a guy who should stick to football."