How pop star Sia managed to save herself from Donald Trump
Singer Sia and Donald Trump on the set of SNL via screen grab.

In an expansive profile of singer-songwriter Sia in Rolling Stone, she describes narrowly avoiding becoming an accidental Donald Trump meme.

Sia told the magazine that as her profile blew up around 2015, she performed in a Saturday Night Live episode, hosted by Donald Trump.

Later, Trump accosted her backstage demanding a picture.

“We’ve got to get a photo!” Trump said. Ivanka was behind him, camera in hand. Sia, who the magazines notes lives in fear of hurting people's feelings, found herself struggling in response.

“Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think that I support your views,” she said.

By her account Trump responded positively.

“It was as if he viewed me as protecting my brand,” says Sia. “He respected that.

“I was like, ‘Thank you so much,’ ” she recalls, “and then I went into my dressing room and had crazy diarrhea.”

In the 2015 SNL episode Sia and Trump perform a bit where he tries on her wig, a signature part of her public performance.