Republican strategist Rick Wilson destroys Devin Nunes over tapes: 'As intelligent as a bucket of warm spit'
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper Republican strategist Rick Wilson ripped Conservative Ken Cuccinelli over the newly released Devin Nunes Tapes.

"These comments by Nunes, are they really a surprise, considering all of Nunes' past behavior when it comes to defending the president and the things we've seen him do?" Cooper asked.

"I'm not surprised because Devin Nunes is about as intelligent as a bucket of warm spit," Wilson said. "I'm shocked he did it in any room whatsoever where anyone could have had a recording device. This is 101 stuff. "

Cuccinelli said it was just part of the game.

"They're selling impeaching the president and the other side is selling protecting the president from impeachment. That's the reality of this election," he said.

"We see the secret agenda underneath all this theater he's been engaged in, to protect the Donald Trump presidency no matter what. This is not his job as a sworn member of Congress," Wilson said. "They swear to uphold the constitution, they're a co-equal branch of the government. I know you know that. They're not a bunch of junior managers at a Trump golf club trying to make the boss happy."

Cooper then continued to fact-check Cuccinelli.

"The president continues to call the Mueller investigation a witch hunt. He's not talking about the allegation of collusion, talking about the entire thing as a witch hunt," Cooper said "Devin Nunes in that tape says if sessions don't unrecuse himself if Mueller won't clear the president, it's up to House Republicans. that doesn't sound like a co-equal branch of the conclusion he's come to."

Watch the video below via CNN.