Republican super PAC attacks Dem candidate for having tattoo representing his Marine unit
Congressional Leadership Fund ad shows Jared Golden's tattoos (YouTube)

A Republican super PAC has launched an attack on Maine Democratic candidate Jared Golden because he has tattoos, including one that symbolizes his former Marine unit.

The Sun Journal reported this week that the ad was created by a super PAC called the Congressional Leadership Fund.

The ad begins by claiming that Golden supports allowing welfare recipients to purchase tattoos with tax dollars. It goes on to show Golden with a tattoo visible on his right arm.

The ad concludes with a cartoon of Golden appearing to have fake tattoos on his back, calling him a "liberal" who supports "free" stuff and "higher taxes."

According to the Sun Journal, at least one of Golden's tattoos stands for his Marine unit.

Golden’s ad shows one large tattoo on his right arm. Among the images inked on his skin are a sun, a moon, a tree, a Celtic cross and a “devil dog” that represents his unit in the Marines, where he served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Golden, who is running against Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin, declined to comment on the ad because he had not seen it.

Watch the ad attacking Golden below.