RNC's McEnany watches defense of Trump tariffs go down in flames as GOP strategist schools her on farmers' losses
RNC national spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany and GOP strategist Rick Tyler.

The spokesperson for the Republican National Committee displayed a remarkable break from reality on tariffs while trying to defend President Donald Trump's trade war on MSNBC.

RNC spokesperson Kalyeigh McEnany joined Alex Witt to defend Trump's war with the billionaire GOP funders David and Charles Koch.

The discussion turned to the choice facing Republicans, between standing by President Trump or standing by the free market economic policies that the GOP has long claimed to value.

"I would argue that if you support free market economics, that's working quite well right now," McEnany claimed. "We're seeing a roaring economy."

"Then explain tariffs," GOP strategist Rick Tyler interrupted. "Tariff's are not free market economics."

"They're working, we're getting to zero tariffs with the E.U., we've already renegotiated with South Korea, so it's working, I just gave you two examples," she claimed.

"Talk to the farmers who are losing their contracts with China, that's not working," Tyler noted.

After the argument over trade, liberal guest Bill Press gave his thoughts on the exchange.

"I never enjoyed two minutes on television in my life as watching these two Republicans go back and forth," Press noted.