He survived concentration camps in Bosnia -- then he was gunned down in a WalMart parking lot in Georgia, USA
49-year-old Fadil Delkic.

A man shot dead in a Walmart parking in Snellvile, Georgia, was a survivor of concentration camps in Bosnia and had immigrated to America for a better life, according to friends and family.

49-year-old Fadil Delkic was driving his car in a Walmart parking lot when 28-year old Troy Hunte and his fiancé got into an argument with him because they thought he'd driven their car too close to the woman and her baby, reports FOX 5.

The couple and Delkic got into a heated argument. The woman apparently struck Delkic in the face.

"I saw them two arguing and then I saw a gun," and eyewitness said. Hunt then shot Delkic in the chest.

Officers said that the man shot him almost immediately after the woman had hit him. The officer also reflected on the irony of a concentration camp survivor losing his life in a small-town parking lot over a driving dispute.

"His wife said that he was a actually a prisoner during the war in Bosnia and he had been tortured and came here as a refugee," an officer said. "He survived all that and was killed in a Walmart parking lot over what appears to be nothing."